Response to Accusations of a Blacklist

The PLA does not, will not, and has never maintained a blacklist. Specifically, the following people have never been on a PLA blacklist.

Roy A. Cooper: Mr. Cooper is the Attorney General responsible for driving payday lending out of North Carolina. Consumers call Mr. Cooper a hero; predatory lenders call him names we can't mention here. Mr. Cooper claims to "bust scams that prey on unsuspecting people" but his anti-competitive policies have busted our profits from predatory lending. Read about the North Carolina crisis.

Mike Donovan: Mr. Donovan was a director for Check 'n Go, a large provider of payday loans. Mr. Donovan describes how our industry engages in racial profiling, aggressive lobbying, misleading statistics, intimidation, harassment, and unlawful behavior. Mr. Donovan, you of all people should know that we do not discuss these things in mixed company. You have balls, Mr. Donovan, but we know where you live.

Martin Eakes: Mr. Eakes founded the Center for Responsible Lending, an organization we have trouble criticizing due to Mr. Eakes' Yale pedigree. Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, Mr. Eakes also lives in North Carolina, the renegade state that outlawed payday lending.

Rebecca Flippo: Ms. Flippo managed a payday loan store in Virginia and then spilled the beans about our tried and true predatory practices. We have already blogged about how she is not on our blacklist. We repeat, she is not on our blacklist.

Jean Ann Fox: Ms. Fox is the director of consumer protection for the Consumer Federation of America. Her expertise and tireless work to protect consumers from predatory lending is a grave threat to our industry. Her website contains dangerous facts about how payday loans trap consumers in debt.

Professor Elizabeth Warren: Professor Warren is a professor at Harvard Law School, Vice-President of the American Law Institute, and is on the Executive Committee of the National Bankruptcy Conference. She has written numerous books on debt and the American middle-class. The PLA believes that consumers should own their debt. We recommend that Professor Warren read The Cato Institute's paper on the Ownership Society before further commenting on our industry.

Community outreach: Our white paper Buying Off Non-Profits outlines the best practices for community outreach:

  • How to buy off a non-profit with a small tax-deductible donation
  • How to use non-profits to create the illusion of community support for payday lending
  • Using minority spokespeople to combat claims of racial profiling